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Can my school or organization join the project? 

Yes. Any public, private or homeschool community is welcome to participate in the Heroes Elevate Empathy Exhibition. 

While submissions are closed for this year, we are preparing for our 2019 Heroes Elevate Empathy Exhibition theme—Young Heroes—posing the question, “Who do you think of when you consider someone your age leading positive change in your community, country, or the world?” 

How can I integrate the Heroes project into my curriculum? 

The beauty of this opportunity is that the project is scalable to your school’s curriculum requirements and calendar.

For example, one school is arranging to take on the topic of heroes as a ‘theme-ester,’ so they can approach the question ‘Who are our heroes?’ across disciplines and core subject areas. By building time into their social studies, history, science, and language arts classes students can explore they choose will to portray in the Heroes Elevate Empathy Exhibition.

We recognize that other schools may have less flexibility. They can choose to work in a more concentrated way. For instance, a school could choose to take a week, after exams for example, to focus on the question in an after-school club or free period. That’s completely okay. The details are yours to design in a manner that makes sense for your school. We will not be providing curriculum stipulations or classroom exercises. We believe in you and your team to use the topic and time spent on art creation in a way that will be meaningful to the children you serve. 

How can my school or family join the project?

To join, please email us responses to these questions with a brief letter of introduction.

1.   Tell us about your community. Are you a public, private, parochial or homeschooling community? Where are you located? Any details you can provide in the way of a short statement are appreciated and helpful as we develop public relations materials in lead up to the exhibition.

2.   How many children will participate? Which grades?
3.   Taking your calendar into consideration, what time frame works with your schedule? Be as specific as possible, providing dates and indicating the duration.
4.   Does your school need assistance in buying supplies for the final portraits? We have art supplies available for schools in need.

What is the process of creating portraits and essays? 

We encourage students to do a number of sketches and iterations of their heroes before creating their final portraits, as this can be vital to the discovery process. Sketches and iterations can be in any medium or any size desired and will not be collected for display.

We also ask you to reflect in a 200-word essay on why you chose your hero.
There is no cost incurred by the school for participating in a Heroes Elevate Empathy Exhibition.

Are there specifications for the art? 

Yes. While the way you approach the project is up to you, we do have detailed specifications for the final artwork and accompanying essays. This is because we want to be sure that all communities, regardless of their social, cultural, or economic situation, get the same opportunity to create art from fine materials in the same medium of expression. The second reason is technical; having all finished art be the same size and use the same materials streamlines our framing and technical reproduction process. All art materials specified can be provided free of cost to schools that request them.

Final Portrait Specifications:
11 inches x 17 inches in dimension on smooth Bristol paper.

Painted in Gouache using the colors Primary Yellow, Deep Yellow, Spectrum Red, Primary Red, Ultramarine, Primary Blue, Forest Green, Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black and Zinc White.
Markers to ink illustrations are okay, but we can not accept pencil or crayon coloring.

Essay Specifications:

Please keep accompanying essays to a maximum of 200 words and submit them in Microsoft Word format. 

Will I get the artwork back?

No, your art is your gift to this collaborative project and will travel the world in future shows and publications. We will credit all artists in published materials, and you can keep track of where your work is going by following show dates on this site.

We will reproduce all artwork displayed on a deck of high-quality trading cards (think baseball card size). Each participant will get a deck of their own as a keepsake for participating in the project. The accompanying biography of each hero portrait will be featured on the back of each card. By keeping a unified color palette of super saturated water based gauche colors, we are confident that within the diversity of styles there will be a strong harmony by color, size, and theme.

What are the deadlines to participate?

2018 submissions are closed, but send us an email if you’d like us to contact you about our 2019 program.


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